At RevealSol, our specialty is Program Innovation! Communities are driven by the benefits of a well rounded wellness program geared to promote independence and dignity for residents while enhancing the work life of team members.

Whether it’s a holistic wellness activity program or a Montessori approach to Dementia Care, our Operations Specialists stay up to date with the latest technology and program trends the industry has to offer to ensure your programs are not only thriving but also appealing to market demands.

Examples of program innovation services may include

  • Start from scratch – foundational cultural program creation
  • Whole wellness integration
  • Dementia Care Programing promoting person driven approaches
  • Evaluation of current programing with proposed enhancements
  • Building core values and a thriving culture
  • Collaborate with marketing for program brand integration
  • Develop standards and provide coaching for daily practices for both residents and team members

Let the innovative mind in you come to life! Contact a RevealSol Operations Specialist today!